Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mazama house party

Brent and Boo hosted a party Saturday as an early celebration of their 20th anniversary. A good portion of the day was spent shopping for and preparing food. Houseguests Jenny and Andy, Jeremy and especially Sylvia pitched in and made things come together beautifully. The food was ample and delicious (yum, grilled salmon!) as was the wine.

People mingled inside, outside, down at the river so it never felt crowded even though we counted 26 attendees.

The ping pong table saw a lot of action, as did the shooting range.

The morning after. Sleeping outside makes Boo happy.

We were sitting around Sunday morning when Boo asked, does that cloud look strange to anyone else? One section of the cloud was definitely yellow. By the time I got my camera out, it had morphed into this rainbow colored swatch. At the time, the sun was directly overhead covered by a diffuse cloud that must have been refracting the light.

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