Monday, December 04, 2006

Portland - NTN

Nike sponsors an unofficial high school national championship in cross country, called the Nike Team Nationals. They choose the top 2 teams for both boys and girls in 8 regions, plus 4 at-large selections, and fly them all out to Portland for 3 days. This year, Annie's team was selected as an at-large team. Jill and Bob flew out to watch, and Brent, Evan and I decided to drive down to see them.

It was held at Portland Meadows, a horse racing track. Since it was so flat, they built some artificial hills that they ran over twice, pluse another section of the course had hay bales to jump over. The races can be seen at a Nike site or Dyestat.
The Iowa girls before the race.
The start.
The 'hills'.

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