Sunday, August 24, 2008

Golden Moments

Gold medals and flowers waiting for the awards ceremony

Ann with Anna Olsson and Agneta Andersson of Sweden, winners of the women's K2 500 meters.

King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden supporting their athletes. During the weeks preceding the games, I got to know Alan Rains, of the Rains Department Store in Ojai. He was the head of hospitality for our venue and a great guy. I did go to a couple of dinners for officials, but I kept telling him that what I really wanted was to meet the King and Queen of Sweden if they came to Lake Casitas. I think he thought I was kidding, and there was no way they would actually turn up. But Sweden won several medals the first day of kayak finals, and so they came on the second day. A luncheon for them and the Swedish team was quickly arranged, and Alan made sure that I got an invitation, along with my parents and sisters. I did get to meet them, however briefly, and take a number of pictures while at the lunch. One of my most memorable moments!

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