Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Monday TV

I have two returning favorites on Mondays: Chuck and Boston Legal. Chuck, a computer geek slacker/drop-out, has had the symbolically encapsulated totality of the government's knowledge of bad guys accidently downloaded into his brain. After being momentarily knocked out by this massive chunk of data, he's back to life as normal except when he sees something that triggers a flash or access to relevant data. There are a surprising number of these incidents considering he works in a suburban big box electronics store. Despite this far-fetched premise, Chuck is sweet and funny and cute.

When last season ended, the government was just about done with a new computer to replace what was in Chuck's brain. This would not be good because a) you wouldn't have a show left and b) they wanted to kill Chuck afterwards. Fortunately in this season's premiere, this disaster was avoided by having the replacement blow up as soon as it was activated.

I also like Boston Legal, on Mondays this year. It's on late, so I have to tape it and watch later. The quirkiness of the characters seems to be getting more forced, so it's just as well that this is the last season. The second episode showed welcome hints of Alan becoming more mature and self-aware (not such a sexist pig), and that could make it a little more interesting.

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