Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quilt Day 08

This weekend was the biannual quilt get-together at my friend Carol's house. This time around there were only a few of us, as other commitments and illnesses took their toll. It was still good to see and talk to Carol, Jeanne, Cindy and Nikki (Carol's daughter, not my Nikki).

I had been sick recently myself, so I didn't prepare much and didn't have much energy to really crank things out. I did some diamond fussy cutting and played with Lone Star layouts. I had been inspired by Jane Sassaman's Lone Stars enough in the spring to go out and buy about $100 worth of her fabrics plus a diamond ruler. Using the bold fabrics in all positions proved too wild even for me, so I'm doing some wild fabrics in the star points and calmer fabrics in the background.

Prayers for Angela, whose second brain surgery is today...

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