Friday, August 06, 2010

Busy Bees

I was feeling the need for some quilting inspiration last week, and remembered that the Busy Bee guild usually holds its annual show in late July or early August. I looked it up online, and it was this past weekend at the Monroe High School. So I drove out there on Saturday. It's a relatively small show, but there were some nice things. This first one caught my eye because it seemed like a typical northwest quilt, or one from Alaska. It's called A Walk in the Woods, made by Grace Hampton.

This one is called Forklorico (sic?), made by Judy Irish. Aside from the blue strips pieced in, I think it's all done with thread painting and quilting.

This one was called Sanctuary, and made by Cindy Glancy. It comes from the book Bella Bella Quilts, which I have. Maybe someday I'll make one similar to this! When I have lots of time and patience for all that paper-piecing.

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