Sunday, August 28, 2011

W-Day -1

The day before the wedding, a lot of people were supposed to come to the site of the wedding reception and help set things up. Unfortunately, when we got there at 9, no one had the key - the people who had had a party the day before hadn't turned it in. Anneli made a number of phone calls and finally located someone who had a spare. So we got into the place around 10. But many hands make light work and things started coming together. My main task was splitting 16 yards of sage green burlap (hand-carried from Iowa by Bob) into thirds lengthwise, and then stay-stitching the edges to prevent ravelling.

The tables were set into 5 long rows plus the head table. White tablecloths, sage burlap runners, plum napkins. Christmas tree lights were hung between the regular lights, and origami birds were suspended from those, as well as from the curtain rods on the side windows.

Candles, glassware, and table decorations started to make it look festive.

Ann made the concrete hearts used for place cards (130 of them!). She also made the centerpieces, concrete oval bowls planted with sedums and decorative stones.

The hearts were tied with raffia, and the place-cards (hand-lettered by Jill) were tied to them.

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