Friday, September 09, 2011


I took what's known as the Golden Circle tour, offered by several tour companies and comprising 3 main geographical/historical sites. Our first stop however wasn't listed on the itinerary. It was Skalholt, site of the first bishopric after Iceland adopted Christianity in the year 1000. It has been the site of 10 churches in the 1000+ years since, and at one time was one of the larger towns in Iceland, including one of the first schools and a monastery. There is still a small study/conference center there, alongside a modern church finished in 1963.

This old cellar entrance was just to the right of the church.

There had been some excavations of structures from the early villages.

This stone foundation was mostly intact, although overgrown.

The interior of the church was mostly plain white and modern, except for beautiful stained glass windows and this fantastic altar piece. It seemed to be made of glass beads, because it glistened in the sunshine.

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