Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something Finished

The last stitches were put in the binding about a week ago, and it still needs to be washed, but Batik Tracks is essentially done.

I can't quite get the whole quilt in a photo on the design wall. My design wall is something I rigged up from an old flannel sheet suspended from a curtain rod in the hallway. It works, but the only way to take a picture is to stand in the bathroom doorway. And if the dog starts prancing around and stirring up a breeze, blocks start falling off. The other thing I notice is that pictures taken here really emphasize the color differences in the blocks and minimize their similarities. See the picture on the bed for comparison.

Close-up showing the swirl and spiral quilting.

Batik Tracks on a bed. In natural light, the blocks blend together much better and the overall effect is of a turquoise quilt. This is how it looks in person.

And here's the back. I used 2 different Jinny Beyer blender prints, one just a couple of years old and the other from at least 20 years ago.

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  1. LOVE the purple and swirly sticking on the back!