Monday, October 01, 2012

Late Summer

In the Seattle area, we are enjoying an incredible late summer, perhaps to make up for the cool, rainy weather we had into July. The days are mostly sunny and the air is crisp. Temperatures in the low 50s at night and mid-60s to low 70s by afternoon. Soon enough it will start to be gray and wet again, so every day like this is a gift.

While walking Nikki on Saturday, I saw a bunch of pots at the end of a driveway. On Sunday, they were still there so I stopped for a closer look. There was no sign, but as I was checking them out, a man drove up and parked. He said if I was interested, to help myself. I thanked him, and said I'd need to go get my car. He seemed pretty nonchalant, like he didn't really care one way or another. I took Nikki home and drove back and loaded these in the back of my car. 

The blue glazed ones are similar to a couple I already have, and I know they're quite expensive to buy new at Molbak's. The crocks reminded me of the ones Mom and Dad had on the porch in Wasco. They're pretty heavy. The largest one has a crack, but everything else looks in good shape, even if filled with dead leaves, pine needles and cobwebs. It doesn't look like anything was planted directly in these containers; there's no dirt clinging to the sides so they should be pretty easy to clean up. 

I had to Google the company labels and see what I could find. Both companies were well known for stoneware. These pieces are too common to be truly collectible, but they're still worth something. 

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