Friday, July 11, 2014

Fishy Quilt

"One fish, two fish; red fish, blue fish" is what I think of when I look at this quilt. The cartoon-y fish, both large and small, make me smile. The hammock comes in handy once again for displaying smaller quilts, although it was so bright and sunny I couldn't see what was on the camera screen.

Some close-ups of the quilting.

And part of the back.

This is for my good friend Sudha's first grandchild. 


  1. Such bright and happy colors. I know what you mean about sunny days and photographing! What a lovely gift for your friend's "new fish"!

  2. This is one fun quilt for any child, young or old!!! I really like backs that are not just plain ol' fabric - great job on this gift!! You now can either rest or do it again!!!! ;)

  3. I LOVED that story when I was a child! What a lovely, vibrant quilt!