Friday, July 18, 2014

Norsk Quilt

In high school, middle sister Jill spent a summer in Norway as an AFS exchange student. A couple of years later, the older daughter from the family she lived with came and lived with our family for a year as an unofficial exchange student. Aud has always kept in touch and still calls my mom for Mother's Day and on other occasions. Aud became a grandmother last year and I finally got around to making a baby quilt. Red, white and blue are not only USA colors, but of course also the colors of the Norwegian flag.

The strips are alternately 3 inches and 1 1/2 inches wide, but I played with the color proportion and placement.

It's quilted in variegated red, white and blue thread, in rows of different designs that run perpendicular to the pieced strips. I just didn't want to be locked into following the seams.

I liked how the thread isn't noticeable from a distance, but the variegation gives a lot of interest close  up.

The back is pretty wild compared to the front, and the fish fabric may seem an odd choice. But the family name is Koi...

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  1. Very vibrant! Great work with the quilting!