Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Recap

Not many pictures to show from this Christmas. We went to an early Christmas Eve service at the community center, celebrated by the Rt. Rev. Cabby Tennis, and notable for its relaxed atmosphere including wandering dogs. Afterwards, Boo and Evan played guitar while Brent cooked dinner. Then we watched White Christmas, all of us on the sofa gathered around the laptop.

The stockings were hung on the closest pillar to the woodstove, and Christmas morning they were full! Brent and I use our childhood stockings, made by Mom. This picture was prompted by Ann sending a picture of her stocking recycled for her new grandson, Noah.

Boo has her childhood stocking made by her grandmother, and Evan has a patchwork one I made when he was a baby.

We opened present after present, ate lots of bacon, eggs and sweet rolls, and enjoyed the day. That evening, we had a wonderfully tasty and laugh-filled dinner at the Kings.

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