Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quilt of the Day - Aquamarine

I hestitated to start a blog because I didn't think I finished quilts often enough to warrant it. But I've been making quilts for 25 years so I think I can find pictures of some of my older quilts to post. This quilt was made about 16 years ago. I had cut lots and lots of strips with the intention of making a log cabin vest or jacket. That never happened, but later I sewed the strips into sets and used an equilateral triangle to cut pieces. Then I played with the arrangement until I got this. I machine quilted it in mostly straight lines that changed direction when hitting a differently angled block. The intention was to show light rays bending through a crystal or prism.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sue,
    Your dad sent your blog site to me. I love your quilts. Our guild is thinking of using a blog to post our quilt photos from the show and tell at each meeting, do you think that would work?
    Lucile Lapin