Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cruising to Vätö

Last year at this time I was in Sweden, for my sister Ann's anniversary and Midsommar. Most of the family made the trip as we did for the wedding 20 years before. We spent most of the time on Vätö, an island in the archipelago near Norrtälje. This is where Ketil's father grew up, where they got married and where Ketil and Ann now have a summer house. The day before Midsommar, we took busses and the subway (tunnelbana) into downtown Stockholm, toured Gamla Stan (the oldest part of the city), and then boarded the S/S Blidösund to cruise back to Vätö. This is an old steamboat that travels its traditional route through the archipelago to Norrtälje, delivering passengers and goods to many small islands previously with no other transportation. It takes about 5 hours to get to Vätö, which is the next to last stop.

The main street in Gamla Stan is narrow and crowded with tourists.

The Blidösund ties up below the Royal Palace to take on passengers.

A fort guarding the harbor at Vaxholm.

Dinner on board in the main salon.

In the Swedish summer night, we finally arrive.

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