Friday, June 02, 2006

Textile Techies

Last night my old quilt group got together for drinks, dinner and conversation. Sue N. was in town visiting and Toni, Jani, Robin and I all wanted to see her. We met about 8-9 times a year for perhaps 10 years before people moved on to other places or other hobbies. But it's great to be able to reconnect and catch up.

When we were still meeting regularly, we would do Round Robins, mystery quilts or sometimes group projects. For a time we worked through the exercises in Gai Perry's book, Color from the Heart. This Trip Around the World quilt was one of the lessons. You were supposed to choose a painting you liked and use its color scheme for the quilt. I used a postcard from IKEA; I don't remember the artists' name. I put a tropical fish print on the back and then quilted the central portion from the back, using a heavy bobbin thread to ouline the fish and a thinner thread for seaweed, coral, etc. I chose the name because George Harrison died while I was finishing it.

Here Comes the Sun:

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