Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day

I went to Mazama again for Labor Day weekend. Boo and Evan went on Thursday with their dogs and Brent picked up Nikki and me Friday evening. Some rock climbers Boo knew were also staying at the cabin while shooting some pictures for a climbing magazine. Saturday was a nice day, with only a hint of smoke in the air, although more haze shows up in these photos. Boo and I hiked to Cutthroat Lake with Nikki and Chamix.

The lake is pretty shallow, at least on this side, and there was a lot of grass growing up through it.
Nikki heads for the water.

Chamix looking cute, but muddy.

Nikki went down to the stream first to drink, but then crossed on the log bridge. She didn't seem to mind being that high in the air.

Sunday was a lot smokier. We went to a play at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp called The Drawer Boy. It was well done and very moving. Monday Brent decided to cut down a dead tree to use for the corner poles in a new shed. When the army came through and did fire prep work around the cabin, they threw all the firewood out away from the house. It should be stored some distance away, so a woodshed is needed. Brent and Evan cut the tree into 4 lengths and I peeled the bark off using a peeler. It was pretty easy in this case; because the tree had been dead awhile, most of the bark came off in big chunks.

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  1. Lynn Richmond9/11/06, 6:31 PM

    Hi Sue-
    When I visited your parents on Sat. (9/9) in Door, they told me to check out your blog. Love the photos of the family, dogs, and especially seeing Sweden. Howard showed me his photos of the cement making & the items made. I believe we are second cousins-
    Lynn Richmond,