Thursday, December 28, 2006

White Christmas

There was certainly plenty of snow. During the big windstorm that Seattle got the week before Christmas, the Methow valley got some wind but also a huge quantity of heavy, wet, fast-accumulating snow. This knocked over many trees. Power outages didn't last as long there, but roads, driveways and ski trails were blocked. These are some of the aspen trees that bent over and blocked the driveway to the cabin. On Saturday, we spent 3 hours clearing them away, Brent cutting them up with a chain saw and Boo, Evan and I hauling the trunks and branches out of the deep snow into piles.

The path on the other side of the blocked driveway to the cabin. It had been plowed at some point, but there was close to 2 feet of loose snow on either side of a tramped down path.

Sunday afternoon, with the next snow already starting to fall, the snowblower came and opened up the drive.

On the back side of the cabin, the snow overhang already meets the pile on the ground.

Remember the video of building the woodshed? Here's the completed version, which survived the big snow.

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