Sunday, April 29, 2007

Convergence Zone

I spent a lot of time getting that custom header up there, so I hope people like it. After I finally had it the way I wanted (or at least close) tinkering with the html, I discovered a much easier way in the new Blogger layouts. Oh well.

Here is the quilt I completed in April. I made the top about a year ago, from Ricky Tims' book Convergence Quilts. Here in the Seattle area, we always hear about the Puget Sound Convergence Zone, as weather patterns wrap around the Olympic Penisula and create wild weather. The biggest snow accumulations and rainfalls are always where the different fronts converge. I quilted isobar lines coming from 2 corners and breaking up into turbulence where they approached each other. I also couched eyelash yarn along some of the lines for emphasis.

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