Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Painting

This is the piece that was scrunched up and had paint dripped on it. In spite of starting with damp fabric and periodically spraying it after adding new colors, after it was dry I discovered it was pretty pale and had lots of white space. So I added more diluted turquoise to the areas without much color and a few spots of other colors. It dried paler than how it looks below, but still better than the original...

In the foreground is my last and favorite piece. I started with damp fabric, and dropped turquoise paint in diagonal lines, then yellow paint in alternating diagonal lines. I let them blend awhile, then added some mixed green and squiggles of periwinkle and gold.
In this last picture, after drying and heat-setting, you can see that it's paler than when wet, and also the colors have blended more. It's still got a nice texture and flow. Now I need to get more paint!

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