Sunday, August 12, 2007

Still Painting

I've been ordering more paint, more paintable fabric and more tools and books. So it was time to try them out.
On this one, I was going for the look of water running through sand. I only had some very bright primary yellow, so I mixed in some russet (which made it too orange), then some periwinkle to tone it down. Then I diluted it and painted it onto the wet fabric. Where the brush was fresh with paint made the darker golden yellow, then it faded nicely. The turquoise was also too bright to start with, so I mixed in some periwinkle and violet and some pearlized shade. After it was mostly dried, I added streaks of russet and pink metallics on the yellow, and green metallic and pearlized turquoise on the blue. Another thing I did with this one and some of the others below, was to layer two pieces of wet fabric together at the start. The excess paint seeps through and colors a nearly identical piece for the work of one. Then I peeled them apart and did slightly different things on top.
On this one, I used violet, turquoise and a little green Dye-na-flow on wet fabric, then spots of metallic with a sponge brush.
I tend to mostly blues, greens and purples, so I thought I should try some warmer colors. This shades from melon to pink to lavender. The splotches were metallic olive; the greenish pigment bled away from the metallic giving a nice halo effect.
This has stripes of olive green, periwinkle and violet, overwashed with periwinkle to tone it down. The olive was difficult to achieve, as I only had chartreuse and apple green. I started with the apple green and mixed in yellow, a little russet and a little periwinkle until I had a nice olive shade. The wrinkles on the plastic, the spaces between the table boards and the grain of the wood all contribute to textures as the paint runs and dries.


  1. So I am curious, are you painting for the process or do you have quilt plans for these fabrics?

  2. Right now I'm enjoying the process, but I do plan to use these in quilts. I don't have specific plans, but probably small art quilts.

  3. Cool! That's pretty much what I thought.