Thursday, September 20, 2007

Washington Island

Thursday last, Mom suggested that we go to Washington Island. Dad was up for it, and so we went. I hadn't been over there for at least 20 years, but most of my memories were from camping there as a kid. We stopped at Mann's store, and had lunch at Nelson's restaurant and bitters pub before driving a loop around the island. This is Schoolhouse Beach. We camped in the park then; it's not allowed now, only picnicking. The whole beach consists of round white stones, 1-2" in diameter. Mom remembered that I led the younger kids in singing a dirge-like song as we marched around the old cemetary.

When I saw the beach itself, I remembered learning/trying to waterski behind Larson's power boat. And Dad and Jack Larson getting invited for drinks by this woman who lived up the shore. Mom said Mrs. Larson was upset that just they were invited, and insisted on some kids going along. I went, but all I remember was a big picture window with a great view.

At the ferry dock to Rock Island, a reminder not to put fish waste in the trash right next to a snack wagon:

These ferries are not like Washington State ferries! The largest held about 20 cars.

It was a windy day, and by the time we went back, we were rocking and rolling pretty good.

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