Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Visitors

Martin, Ann and William
We had a very busy week. I picked them up from the airport Monday night and brought them to my house. The boys watched TV until they were pretty sleepy, and we let them sleep in the room with the TV while Ann slept in another room. On Tuesday, I checked availability of the game they really wanted, Guitar Hero III for PS3, and found it was in stock at a game store in Redmond near where I work. So we headed there first. Then Ann stocked up on some molds at JoAnn's, we had the first of many Starbucks visits, and then shopped at Borders in Redmond Town Center.

On Wednesday, we took it easy in the morning (the boys raked leaves), then had Mexican food for lunch on the way to Seattle Center. We went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) and Science Fiction Museum. The EMP is a multi-colored blob at the foot of the Space Needle. Very strange architecture, inside as well as out. But the exhibits were interesting and varied, about the history of guitars, the Northwest music scene, Hispanic music in America, and history of early hip-hop. The interactive exhibits were the best, with lessons on guitar, drums and keyboards. Because it was fall and mid-week, there were very few others there and no waiting. The science fiction was fun, too. It started with just copies of early books, but then they had costumes, props and models from a lot of the early and more recent TV shows and movies. Brent and Evan met us there, and then the Swedes went home with them for trick or treating.

I went to work Thursday and Friday until noon, when Brent and Boo brought them over. We toured Molbak's, had lunch at Ruby's Diner, and did a big shop at Target. Saturday, we were all pretty tired, but still went to another garden center to look around. They had to do a lot of packing to get all their purchases in. I took them to SeaTac in late afternoon, and they got on the flight home. It was great to have them here.

Also, I helped Ann get started with her own blog. I've linked to it under Family & Friends on the right.

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