Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Time is Near

Time to head to the mountains and snow country. We drove over on Friday; the roads were clear but the traffic on Snoqualmie Pass was horrendous. Blewett Pass was much easier. I met up with BT, Boo and Evan at Anjou Bakery in Cashmere for late lunch, and Boo drove the rest of the way with me. There was plenty of snow at the cabin, and it snowed another 5-6 inches on Saturday. However, it cleared off in the early evening and there was a beautiful moonlit night. At dusk, they went out to get a tree. Brent on snowshoes, dragging it back. The mound in the background is the snow-covered picnic tables.

Evan crawled through the snow cave created by the picnic table.

The moon coming up. Pictures taken by Boo.

It snowed another 5-6 inches on Sunday, but cleared off around 10 for another moonlit night. Walking the dogs then was amazing - the moonlight was so bright, everything had clearly defined shadows. It stayed clear into this morning, so we have a bright sunny Christmas Eve.

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