Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Notes

I had a pretty busy weekend. I went to my local caucus on Saturday. I had never been before, although I do usually vote even in primaries. But the Democrats were only choosing delegates based on the caucuses, and with the race the way it is, I thought it was important to go. (Usually by the time Washington gets to vote, everything is all wrapped up.) I was very impressed by the turnout, and pleased with the results. Although the whole caucus/primary/nominating process seems to be deliberately designed to be as confusing and off-putting as posssible, democracy (small d) still seems to come out ahead. I hope Obama continues his momentum, although I would still vote for Hillary over McCain any day.

Then I made one of these notepad folders as a birthday present for Sudha. I got the pattern from Pink Chalk Studio, and it was really nicely designed with clear instructions.

The outside is a Sherrill Kahn fabric. Turquoise ribbon wraps around the button for a closure. I chose similar colors, but lighter, for the inside. One pocket holds a 5" x 8" notepad. The other smaller pocket can hold other loose papers, plus there's a tiny pocket for cards or clips or whatever. It was pretty easy to do, and took a couple of hours. I plan to make more.

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  1. I like your choice of fabrics. I need to make some of those this year.