Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anything new?

Not much. I'm getting ready to go to a conference in Dallas next week. I should have internet connectivity in my room, but I'm bringing a work laptop.

I created a blog to post some of my nephew's pictures from New Zealand (it's under Family and Friends to the right). He's been taking some great photos from his hiking adventures and putting them on Snapfish. They're larger there, but not as easily accessible to all family members, so I started copying them and then moving them to Blogger. I'm putting in his original captions.

Also relatively new under Family and Friends is Seb & Emi, a blog by my niece in Sweden and her boyfriend about remodeling and decorating their new apartment.

1 comment:

  1. Great that you're doing the translation of Davids pictures!Soooo much easier to look at on the blog form. This weekend it is supercold(like maybe 40)after last weekends heat waveof 75! Too cold to work with concrete and I've some good ideas to try too. Oh well, I have strepthroat so should take it easy.