Monday, May 26, 2008

Visiting Ft. Worth

Since I was going to Dallas, I decided to take the opportunity to visit Mom's cousin Ruth in nearby Ft. Worth. Ruth is comfortably set up in a retirement community very close to downtown and her old neighborhood. After luncheon, she showed me her suite and family things, and we looked at slides.

This is a picture a friend of hers painted of her backyard, showing a concrete fountain made by her friend Jim. Sorry for the glare; I forgot about turning off the flash and it reflected off the glass.
This is the tower at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, home to stock shows and rodeos. Ft. Worth's motto is Cowboys and Culture, and it's fitting that this is right in the middle of the Cultural District.
And on the backside of this complex, sure enough, we saw cattle. There was something called the World Brahman Congress going on, and these are Brahman bulls.

For the cultural aspect, Ruth took me to the Kimbell Museum, and the Amon Carter Museum. A fun and busy day.

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