Monday, July 07, 2008

Showcase #2

I made ths one almost in tandem with the first one, but didn't show any of the steps on the blog. Again, the center fabric was hand-painted during my first experimental session. It had a lot of layers to it: first Jacquard's Textile Traditional paint, slightly diluted, was brushed onto dry fabric in stripes. After that dried, I sprayed the fabric with water, and put on some Dye-na-flow paint. Finally, I squiggled some Lumiere (metallic paint) randomly. Some Lumiere colors, like gold, look like pure metal when used undiluted. Others, like Olive Green, tend to separate into color and metal and spread depending on how wet the fabric is or how much you diluted the paint. And some are best for adding just a shimmer to other paints.


  1. Värkligen snyggt med "GULDET"
    Ha en bra sommar.

  2. Very nice! It looks like you are having fun with the contemporary quilts. Now it would be fun to play with the scraps from both of them.