Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lake Casitas

I've been spending way too much time lately watching TV because of the Olympics being on. I am lucky enough to have CBC as part of my cable package, and, while not perfect, their coverage is so much better than NBC, I've mostly been watching that. I thought it would be fun to do some posts about my Olympic memories, but didn't have any time until today to scan some pictures. I did attend the Montreal games, as both Brent and Ann were on the team, but that's pretty hazy now. But in 1984, I worked for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (LAOOC) for 2 months, helping to organize the canoe/kayak competitions. I stayed in Ojai, and went every day to the rowing/canoe/kayak venue at Lake Casitas, a reservoir between Ojai and Santa Barbara. There's an amazing amount of detail work that goes into staging an event like that, and we worked very hard. But it was a lot of fun too: seeing the course and facilities spring up, the athletes and all their equipment arrive, and then being up close and personal during the actual events.

This is a view of the judges stand, with the bleachers and scoreboards. The thing about Lake Casitas was, it's a reservoir with natural surroundings and normally no boating is allowed. After the Olympics were over, everything had to be removed, even the sod, flowers and other landscaping.

Another view, with long colored floats to keep to the multi-pastel theme of LA. They are anchored to a floating walkway between the athletes and boat storage areas and the spectators and administrative areas.

When the flags went up on the back of the stadium, it was a thrilling moment.

Family members in LA, in front of the trailer where I worked. Mom, Ann (on the US team but not in uniform), Dad (chief official for canoe/kayak) and me.

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