Friday, August 15, 2008


When I went to Wisconsin the first time, I brought with me sample sets of Dye-na-flow and Lumiere paints, and a number of PFD fat quarters. I thought it would be fun to show fabric painting to my nieces, Emily and Annie. I had to push to get them started, but once they got going I think they enjoyed it. It was most free play, with some sun printing, plus I found some sea salt in the cabin that they used liberally on some of the pieces.

This is one of Annie's, with some interesting star burst effects.

This is one of Emily's. The salt really sparkled on this, and I might try some hot fix crystals on it to mimic that effect.

I had to do a couple too. I drew loose circles with pearlized and opaque white, and then used blue, periwinkle and green Dye-na-flow.

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