Sunday, August 24, 2008


One of my duties was helping out in the coach and official meetings prior to the events. This was when the coaches could make last minute scratches and substitutions (from a pre-approved list), and lane assignments were drawn for all the heats. Although some of these faces are still familiar to me, I would be hard put to remember all the names, except that I wrote on the back of this particular picture. From left to right: Frank Whitebrook, Australia, Nikola Velev, Bulgaria, Sergio Orsi, Italy, Otto Bonn, Hungary (all ICF officials), Tom Horton, Commissioner for LA Canoe/Kayak, and myself.

Myself and the Swedish ICF official, Lars something.

I didn't spend much time with athletes, except the ones I already knew, but I did get acquainted with officials and coaches. This is Hayden Kenny, coach of the Australian team, celebrating after his son Grant won a medal.

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