Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've never liked politics and prefer to avoid reading/hearing about it as much as possible. I vote, of course, and I read enough to know what's going on. I don't watch political news though because the so-called pundits are so infuriatingly idiotic and unoriginal. I would probably not even know who most of those pundits are, except for seeing clips of them on the Daily Show.

But the current situation is by far the worst I can remember in 30+ years of being a registered voter. Not only are McCain/Palin flat out lying, not only is Palin the least qualified vice-presidential candidate in our country's history, but there are apparently vast numbers of people eager to accept whatever they say without doubts or logic. Was there some kind of mass lobotomy? Was there a brain-washing hallucinogenic added to the Republican kool-aid?

I could go on, but I'd rather go do something postive. In the meantime, there are these different perspectives: the Women against Sarah Palin blog is collecting and publishing comments from women not sucked in by the Republican's false lure to feminists. And this post by one of my favorite authors, Christopher Moore, talks about why the kind of experience promoted by Republicans is so dangerous, and intelligence and the ability to inspire are what we should look for in leaders.

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  1. good job! I know we hate it, but it is our responsibliy to fix it.
    1st time in over 20 years of living overseas that I am voting. And it is not an easy process trying to get an absentee vote in.
    Take care!