Friday, October 10, 2008

Tuesday TV

I confess to watching Biggest Loser. It is inspirational to see that ordinary people with years of bad habits can lose large amounts of weight through diet and exercise alone. However, it's not very helpful in terms of teaching what can reasonably be done without a full-time trainer and close medical supervision. And as for just entertainment, I get tired of having them tell me what's going to happen after the commercial, then the commercial, then repeat the entire last scene before progressing to anything new. They take 1 hours' material and stretch it out to 2. Because of the repetition, I find it better to tape this and watch it later when I can fast forward past not only the ads but all the duplicated footage as well.

I didn't watch House this week because it was a rerun. I'm ambivalent about this show. It's been taking some odd turns for a couple of seasons. Two years ago there was a story arc about House tangling with a police detective and thus getting in trouble for his drug habit. It was annoying and ultimately pointless, because he didn't change at all. Then last year, perhaps because his interactions with his team were becoming too formulaic, they all left and he spent an interminable amount of time pitting a large pool of applicants against each other to pick his new team. But the old ones are still there - for about 5 minutes each week. I don't understand the point of that, unless the actors had iron-clad contracts.

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