Thursday, January 08, 2009

One Down

I finished putting the binding on the Laurel Burch quilt. I took a couple of close-ups where you can kind of see the stitching I did, around the panel parts and some of the motifs. The flash really lightens up the appearance of this fabric; the colors seem much more intense in person.

So that's one for the 'All Done' category for 2009. Unfortunately, I realized that I had forgotten to put the 2 Sassaman Lone Star quilts on my UFO list, plus I uncovered a forgotten project while rummaging in my sewing room. So the total unfinished list has actually grown by 2.

1 comment:

  1. That happens to me too. I also started UFO FO spreadsheets. What a shock. I love your new info on the blog - when last posted. Is that Bloggers or you, I would love to copy. Also love your UFO count, don't know if I have enough courage to do that.