Monday, May 04, 2009

Busy Weekend

It seems I hardly have any social life at all these days - just work and short breathers on the weekends. But this weekend was exceptional with not one but two events. First was Carol's semi-annual quilt day, with a pretty good turnout this time. Melissa, Jan, Cindy, Julie, Diana, Trudy, Carol and myself. All but Jan met working at the same company and formed a quilting group there. Now only 2 are still there. More layoffs were announced last week, so that was the subject of some of the conversation, along with what various kids are up to, etc. There was a fair amount of sewing done too, along with show & tell. I finished the top for William's quilt, and started piecing the back. Sorry, no pictures this time!

The other big event was my friend Julie S's retirement party. Another former colleague at the same company as above, she's giving up the rat race to more fully enjoy travel, gardening, dogs, etc. She and her husband Tim hosted a wonderful party at the Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club. Everyone was supposed to wear black and white, and that did look good. After mingling with more old co-workers/friends and their spouses while tasting hors d'oevres and beer/wine, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and dessert buffet. Tim gave a funny speech about their travel adventures past and future (he particularly enjoys telling about Julie riding a camel in Egypt, calling her Florence of Arabia). Then we played a few games of bingo (preparation for retirement!) followed by dancing to the oldies.

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