Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two Steps Forward

and one step back. I basted William's quilt yesterday, and did the first row of 'straight-ish' stitching. But then I realized that it had gotten somewhat wonky, and there were several pleats on the back, with the possibility of getting worse as I went on. So I ripped out almost half of what I had done, smoothed and re-positioned the back, and then re-quilted. My wall spray-basting method is just not adequate for bed-size quilts, but I don't have floor or table space enough to do it that way either. On one of Patsy Thompson's quilting videos, she shows spray basting large quilts on the wall. The difference is that she has a foam or insulation panel setup as a design and basting wall, and pins the backing to it instead of taping directly to the wall as I've been doing. I think that would support the weight of a larger quilt better.
I'm calling it 'straight-ish' quilting lines, because I want to suggest wood grain in my Signposts quilt. I don't want to make obvious grain lines, so I'm just making it roughly straight and embracing any jerks or wobbles.
Congratulations to my nephew and godson, David, who just graduated from Luther College, summa cum laude no less.

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