Sunday, August 02, 2009

Heat Wave

I'm sure everyone knows about the recent heatwave in the Pacific Northwest. It was not an easy week to get through, but by Friday night it was finally cool enough to get a decent night's sleep. It's supposed to hit 90 again today, but since it was cooler last night, it should be bearable.

Yesterday I went to the Busy Bee Quilt Show. The quilt above, which certainly looks blazingly hot, was called Hawaiian Sunrise, by Klota Underwood. She called it her yellow quilt, but I took the picture in honor of my friends who like orange.

The next quilt was just called Asian Wall Hanging, and was made by Laura Collier. It's very simple but made effective use of the prints and panel.

The last one is We Are Family by Gabe Fisher. I thought it was a soothing use of color and pattern. It was difficult to get pictures of the full quilt in some of the larger ones, because of how they were hung. And, although I thought at the time that the signs were too large and intrusive, it turned out that was the only way I could identify the quilts later because the show handout only listed maker names and the quilt numbers, not the quilt names or descriptions. So I have more pictures of quilts by either Judy Irish or Linda Tellesbo, but I can't figure out which ones are which, because I didn't get the sign in my picture.

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