Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eating Together

Last night I went over to BT's for dinner. Boo and Evan were home for the weekend, and David, who's been staying with them in Mazama, had come too. Their old friend Brent (the other Brent) was there for the weekend, and Joy came for dinner too. So it was a lively crowd of seven. Here Evan is bringing the grilled halibut to the table. It was excellent.

David, the pie-maker, made two fabulous apple pies. Here he's rolling out and shaping the crust.

The two Brents and Joy dig in. We ate on the deck and it was getting fairly dark, so thank goodness the camera flash worked.

The 'other' Brent and Boo.

One of the finished pies. Mmm, tasty! or tight!


  1. Hej hej! Are you doing Davids blog? or was that just a one time thing? He seems like he likes the Seattle area.

  2. Well, I did that blog for his NZ trip, and just decided to add his grad pic.