Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nikki's New Cousin

Nikki and I went to Seattle last night, to see Boo, Evan, David and the new pup, Peco. Nikki's not always good with strange big dogs until she can play with them, but she is very tolerant of puppies. Peco was initially very defensive when this black monster charged in on his new territory, but in a few minutes they were play-wrestling. Here Peco looks innocent enough, while Nikki has a bit of a snarl. Peco is actually pulling on her ear.


Again with the ear, and Nikki just seems happy to take the abuse.

These are the calmer moments, when I could actually get a shot without blur. They played for a good hour and a half, providing plenty of amusement while Boo finished up with pie-making. Then we went out to dinner at Bing's in Madison Park. David had been back from the Olympic Peninsula for a few days and hanging with BT, Boo and Evan came home for the weekend to see him and go to a college fair. BT was off in Norway on business.

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