Monday, October 26, 2009

Quilt Day Oct 09

Saturday was our semi-annual quilting day at Carol's house. Although my UFO list hasn't been getting any smaller, I knew I needed something to work on that was pretty simple and wouldn't require decision-making during the day. After looking through a number of books, I decided to try a French Braid quilt, from the book by Jane Hardy Miller. I started rummaging through fabrics the previous weekend, and by Sunday night had a pretty good idea of my general scheme. Then each night, I tinkered with it some more until I had the color run below.

During the actual day, along with talking with Carol, Melissa, Jan, Jani and Cindy (and snacking), I cut all the braid strips and sewed 8 out of the 1o colors on 2 ends of 4 rows. I had hopes of finishing up the rows on Sunday, but I was on-call, and got called 3 times between 2:30 and 6, so no go.

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