Sunday, November 01, 2009


A beautiful fall day, sunny and crisp. I saw two pileated woodpeckers while walking this morning, the first I'd seen in quite awhile. I went back a little later with my camera, but there was no sign of them. You usually hear them, pecking away at a tree or sometimes the side of a house, and then have to look around to spot them. Later I raked leaves and chopped blackberry vines before doing a little more sewing.

I finished the last strips on all the braids. It's a little strange sewing them to just two sides; only one end matches and the other is left hanging loose. But they get trimmed later. I've only done the following steps on one end of one braid so far. First adding the end triangles:

And then trimming the edges to make a straight row.

The time change meant it got dark really early, and it already feels late. How long until spring?

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