Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Here!

My new Handi Quilter quilt/frame system, that is. And the boxes are taking up virtually the whole living room. There was a bit of miscommunication - I thought they were going to ship it on Friday, and it would arrive the middle of next week. But instead it arrived on Friday. I came home from work, noticed that my garbage cans were moved around strangely, and then saw the pile of boxes hidden behind the cans. I carried in 2 small boxes, then went next door and asked for help from their teenage sons to bring in the rest. My original plan was to spend this weekend moving furniture around and cleaning up so that the space would be ready next week. Since it came early, the next plan was to do that work today and then see if I could start putting it together tomorrow. But I hardly got any sleep last night, so I was dragging all day. I have periodic bouts of insomnia, and I think I was a bit hyper about all this. However, that was aggravated by someone knocking on my door shortly after 3 am, the dog barking, etc. I didn't want to answer the door, but got up to check it out. There was some vandalism of our mailboxes across the street, and my neighbor had called the sheriff's office. I think the deputy knocked on my door by mistake, thinking I had called it in. I'd hate to think they wake people up at that hour just to tell them their mailbox has been knocked down!

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