Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catching Up

So it's been a busy few weeks, with changes and stresses at work keeping most of my attention even evenings and weekends. However, I have been doing some quilt-related things here and there. I finished the quilting on the Signposts quilt. The wavy water design helped control some of the fullness left between and outside the leaves previously quilted.

Here's part of the back. It's a large-scale modified log cabin, with a painted and batik print plus various solids that were also used in the front. I'll try to get pictures of the whole front and back once I have the binding on.

I did start quilting the next quilt (next post), but in between, we had our semi-annual quilting day at Carol's. I was stumped on what to work on, but a couple of days before I pulled out fabrics for another French Braid quilt. This one is smaller, and spring colors instead of autumn. I didn't even start cutting the fabrics until that morning, so it took me until this week to finish the braids. I'll have to make some decisions on sashing and borders before I can finish the top.

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  1. I cut my hair when I couldn' french braid it! The frech braid quilt looks great!