Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Inspiring Quilting

Before I get to the quilty stuff, just a parenthetical note to say that I set my link gadgets so that the most recently updated sites appear at the top of the list. I recently discovered though that Picasa galleries use the most recently updated gallery's date - which can be set by the owner to any date at all. Current example is David's Photos, which says it was updated two months ago, but he added pictures of India and Nepal this week. It's just that he dated the new galleries by the date of his trip, not the upload date.

So, two more quilts. The first is Thistlepods, by Mary Calderon and longarm quilted by Sharon Szekley. The colors and the movement were great, and all those pointy bits!

I loved the swirling quilting around the stars.

This one is Step by Step, pieced and longarm quilted by Linda Tellesbo. I am always drawn to her quilts, as they seem to always have the combination of pattern, colors and gorgeous quilting. She had several in this show, but I just picked this one to show.

The wavy lines in the sharp points were repeated across the whole quilt (there really wasn't open space for other designs), and then feathers in the borders.

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