Monday, September 20, 2010

Back on Track

I called HandiQuillter the next morning and spoke to a technician. He had never heard  of a switch falling off, but said he would send a new power pod. It's good that some parts are modularized and can be replaced without the whole machine having to go in for servicing, but not so good that this is the second part that's needed to be replaced in a little over 6 months. The part came on Friday, and on Saturday morning I took off the old piece. But I couldn't figure how to change out a wire, plus there were differences in the circuit boards. I took some pictures and then called them back this morning. The circuit board differences were just updates and I needed a 3mm allen wrench for the screw holding some wires together. I put it back together tonight, and tried it out: it works! I quilted part of the inner border to prove it.

Can you spot the differences?

I spent some time this weekend trying to decide on fabrics and design for a baby quilt for someone at work. I finally decided on something, but didn't get it started. Then this morning we found out she had the baby early, on Sunday. And I heard that she and her husband had requested no gifts that weren't organic and flame retardant. (I don't think fabrics can be both organic and flame retardant; they're mutually exclusive.) So I won't be making that quilt.


  1. What a joke! It's called handiquilter and you have to be a technician to be able to use it! You have soooo much patience! Maybe this weekend you can actually sew (or quilt). Work late tonight and then off to Vätö to pull in the boats and take up the kayaks. love you!

  2. It actually is easy to use, it's just replacing parts that freaks me out! I don't like electrical stuff. It was pretty easy to put back together though.