Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Since the weekend I've been quilting another small practice quilt, a French Braid design. It's been a little challenging because I have to bend over it to see where I'm stitching and that makes my back ache. So I've only done 1 pass on the frame at a time. Tonight I did one braid after I got home from work. When I turned off the machine to take Nikki out, I thought the on/off switch felt rather soft, and it didn't click. It did seem to turn off the machine, but I turned it on and off again a couple of times to make sure. The second time, there was a little hiss and sparking, and the switch FELL OFF. I just got new back handlebars a few weeks ago because they died, and now this. I'll have to call my dealer tomorrow and see what to do, but I'm guessing the machine will have to be sent back to HandiQuilter. Not too happy about this turn of events.

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