Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting up to Speed

After completing my first two quilts on the Avante, I realized that I need considerably more practice before quilting some of my waiting tops. There are a few that I can tackle soon, I hope, but I decided to make some simple tops to practice various techniques on. The first one is a pattern I found on the blog Oh Fransson!. I made a few changes to it, which I'll explain when I show the whole quilt. The simplest quilting is free-motion overall or edge to edge designs. This can be as simple as meandering over the whole quilt, meandering with loops, or designs with increasing levels of difficulty. I didn't think that meandering or loops would be much of a challenge, although they can be useful. This is a simple leaf and tendril design. These photos are both of the back, as there are a few nine patch blocks pieced into the backing. I'd say the blue is somewhere in between the two shades the photos show.

I was a little nervous to start this, but it was relatively easy, forgiving of mistakes, and fast.

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