Saturday, March 19, 2011

Latte quilt

I finished quilting Melissa's Latte quilt this week. I used Superior's Lava thread on the top in #246, Krakatoa (Orange-green-black-gold variegated). This was a mini-cone that came with my Avante. I don't know how many yards were on this sample cone, but I used almost all of it. I had never tried it out before this quilt, and Superior's new top tension gauge and suggested tensions were very helpful. On my first test, I showed a tension above their recommended range, and the thread broke within two inches. I adjusted the tension to be within the range, and it worked beautifully. Only had 1 thread break during the whole quilt.

I used Superior So Fine in #425 Brown Sugar in the bobbin as it worked well with the top thread and was a pretty close match to the back fabric. You can see some of the designs and texture here.

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