Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend Quilting

I started this simple rail fence a month or so ago, just for a diversion and to have something to practice on. At the show a couple of weeks ago, I bought some orange batik for the outer border and got the top done. But even with the stash I have, I couldn't find anything for the back that I liked, and was large enough. So last weekend, I went looking for something simple and found an olive green 'Dimples' fabric that seemed perfect. I washed and pieced it during the week, and was ready to load the quilt Saturday morning. The Red Snappers loading system make that process so much easier and quicker. Well worth the cost in my opinion, as pinning the quilt to the leaders really made my back ache.

I'm trying out an all-over design based on Sally Terry's book, Hooked On Feathers. It makes it look sort of like feathers, without having to back track or make individual feathers that don't overlap. I am having some problems seeing where I'm going though. The variegated thread blends too well with many of the fabrics. It shows up best on the light yellow and on the peach.

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