Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jungle Wonder

This is a little lap quilt I started some years ago, using the technique in the book One-Block Wonders. It's sort of like a Stack and Whack, but instead of putting each kaleidoscope grouping separately, you arrange them next to each other, grouping by color or pattern. I wasn't all that happy with how it turned out; it seems to me that the fabric needed to have some calmer spaces and it was too busy overall. It could have been improved by a different fabric, or by using some solid black as spacers between the hexagons, but I really didn't feel like ripping it all apart. So I just put some plain black borders on it and some simple quilting. And it's not bad.

I quilted wavy lines along the seam lines, and into the border. And once in a while, a wavy spiral in a hexagon for some added interest. King Tut Malachite thread on the top.

The back is a marbled dark green, with a strip of flowery fabric that matched color-wise if not the jungle theme. So Fine Forest thread matched pretty well.

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